A global identity verification solution

Kismet Group has developed a solution to put an end to scams. Our initiative is committed to restoring trust and faith in everyday interactions. This is a global initiative being undertaken from which society is set to benefit immensely.

The solution involves authenticating personal and company information and making this conveniently available to use in everyday interactions.

Before you meet with someone new, transfer money, or do business with a new individual or company, our service will become your new daily checkpoint.


This initiative was born because of an investment scam plaguing innocent investors which Kismet Group's founder was determined to end.

The scam was bringing the industry into disrepute, costing investors billions of dollars in stolen funds, and the regulator and police were left almost helpless in tracking down the suspects as they were operating outside the jurisdiction.

It is estimated that over $1 trillion is lost each year to various types of fraud. Innocent victims are falling for unscrupulous text message scams, imposter social media profiles, investment scams, fake identities, misdirected payment details, romance scams, phony callers and the many various ways fraudsters are seeking to deceive the public.

Scammers are getting smarter and more sophisticated as they get desperate to dispossess citizens of money, time and trust.

The embarrassment, financial, physical and mental toll of falling victim to scams can ruin and lives, relationships and well-being. This loss of trust is taking a toll on Governments, financial institutions, businesses and the billions of citizens they try to protect from harm.

Our solution has the potential to put an end to this for good.


Kismet Group has staff employed in 5 continents who are preparing to launch the service in over 80 countries starting in early 2024.

We have received thousands of registrations of interest from people in more than 55 countries.