Take control of your reputation

We acquired Media.com to empower society against misinformation. This is a global problem which has significant social, reputational and economic consequences.

Media.com enables users to publish, respond to and record media. It has been designed to empower individuals and companies to take control of their media profile by providing a platform to voice their views and tell their story, free from interference.


Misinformation impacts regulatory, political, judicial, business, investment and social decisions every day. It creates injustices for the innocent, and undeserved profits & prestige for the perpetrators.

Responses to media are inconsistent, sporadic, often emotional, and largely ineffective. They need a large audience to get traction and are often overrun by those with larger audiences.

We identified an opportunity to create a platform for people to respond to, deconstruct and clarify any form of media. Through mass adoption we can play our part in helping reduce misinformation.

Misinformation is a global problem that is mis-shaping society in favour of false narratives. It impacts every person on the planet.


Kismet Group acquired Media.com in July 2023 to launch the platform which is now known as Media.com.

Initially Media.com will be showcasing the Media.com profile of James Mawhinney to showcase how the service can be used to create a Media.com profile and respond to various types of media.

We are planning an early adopter release in 2024 with full public access being granted in 2025.